Featuring Zak Stevens the voice of Atlantic Records recording artists Savatage / Trans-Siberian Orchestra


CircleIICircle features Zak Stevens, the voice of Atlantic Records recording artists Savatage from 1992-2000. Stevens formed CIIC in 2002 after parting ways with Savatage ten years ago. CIIC has five world-wide releases to its credit over the last eight years; "Watching in Silence"(2003), "Middle of Nowhere (2005), "Burden of Truth"(2006), "Delusions of Grandeur"(2008), and "Consequence of Power", released on 10/08/2010. Every CIIC show delivers a high-powered Southern-Metal hard rock variety, paired with the over-the-top, powerful, melodic vocal stylings of Zak Stevens. This is a show not to be missed featuring Savatage and Circle II Circle songs being performed by a very familiar voice for over eighteen years in the hard-rock industry. CIIC is Zak Stevens –Vocals, Mitch Stewart – Bass/Vocals, Rollie Feldmann – Guitars, and Johnny Osborn – Drums.

More About Circle II Circle

CircleIICircle tours back and forth between the U.S. and Europe most of the time, with an occasional stop in South America and in the Middle East. The band enjoys a world-wide following due to performing a broad genre of hard rock, melodic rock metal, and pure rock sounds.