Masters of Metallica
Opened for the real Metallica on all dates of the Garage Inc. Tour!

Voted #1 Metallica Tribute by MTV

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Editorial from Lars Ulrich, Metallica Club Magazine SO WHAT! : Volume 2, Issue 4.

"What happened????" We all look at each other wondering, "What the f**k??" We have once again stopped half-way thru' a song, neatly in the process of butchering something we have played live 712 times. I think we have (finally) lost it!! It's mid-week, mid August. In 10 days we leave to headline one of the biggest gigs of our lives and the idea of calling the Metallica cover band, "BATTERY", to secretly replace us comes up in conversation. "At least they play our shit good. What we're doing here sounds like a bad Metallica cover band!!" ..................... Lars Ulrich.

 -Jason Newstead on BATTERY: "They take it to our level! That's pretty cool!" 
 -Jaymz Hetfield comments on BATTERY: "It was fun to see us live finally!"
 -Kirk Hammett on BATTERY:
"The lead guitar player plays the solos better than I do!"

"BATTERY", the Metallica Tribute band that opened for Metallica on all dates of the Garage INC Tour.
"BATTERY", the Metallica tribute band that was voted #1 Metallica tribute in the World by MTV.
"BATTERY", the Metallica tribute band that Metallica has written about, shared the stage with, & endorsed.

"BATTERY" is the only Metallica tribute band in the world to make it into the Heavy Metal History Books with an entry in the British authored: Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal, a 2004 book by Ian Christe, documenting the history of heavy metal music and its origins. In the book the author talks about "BATTERY" being hand-picked by Metallica to open for Metallica on the Garage Inc Tour, an idea spawned by Lars Ulrich himself.

IF U are a fan of Metallica, U MUST SEE "BATTERY".
"BATTERY" tours 52 weeks a year throughout the US, CANADA, PUERTO RICO, THE VIRGIN ISLANDS, WORLDWIDE, lashing out the action in near-perfect Metallica style with all the energy, headbanging & musical precision that make Metallica the best metal band of all time!! Throw in lots of hair, some special Metallica lighting effects, strobes, fog, 5 foot stage-crosses & U get one hell of a night!!!!
"BATTERY" plays songs from every Metallica album from KILL 'EM ALL DEATH MAGNETIC...and everything in between.

"No tribute act can be expected to replace their namesake acts, but Battery is one of the best bonuses a Metallica fan can take advantage of" .....A quote from the NY's Elloit Levin, march 2010.
"What constitutes a good concert to me, is tightness, sound quality, overall performance both personally and visually, and crowd
interaction and reaction. Battery's got it all. They played hard full steam ahead, and were extremely well-received. A Metallica fan's
MUST SEE if you can't make a real Metallica show. When they are done with you, you're left shaking your head trying to figure out
what happened... was it live or Memorex... They ARE that good!!!! .......Suzanne Perry, July 2010

So choose the band that Metallica chose to represent them!!! "BATTERY" - Master of Metallica